Source code for irc3.plugins.dcc

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import irc3
from irc3.plugins import command
__doc__ = """
:mod:`irc3.plugins.dcc` DCC Chat plugin

This module provide a command to start a DCC CHAT with the bot and extend it
with CHAT commands.

CHAT Commands

Adding new commands::

    >>> @dcc_command
    ... def echo(bot, mask, client, args):
    ...     '''echo command
    ...         %%echo <words>...
    ...     '''
    ...     yield ' '.join(args['words'])

bot is the bot instance. mask is the irc mask of the user connected via dcc.
client is an instance of :class:`~irc3.dcc.DCCChat`


.. autofunction:: dcc_command

.. autoclass:: Commands


[docs]def dcc_command(*func, **predicates): """DCC CHAT command decorator""" predicates['commands'] = 'irc3.plugins.dcc.Commands' if func: func = func[0] command.attach_command(func, **predicates) return func else: def wrapper(func): command.attach_command(func, **predicates) return func return wrapper
[docs]@irc3.plugin class Commands(command.Commands): """DCC CHAT commands plugin""" requires = [command.__name__] @irc3.dcc_event(r'(\x01ACTION\s+|{re_cmd})(?P<cmd>\w+)' r'((\s(?P<data>\S.*)|\x01)|(\x01|$))') def on_command(self, cmd, client=None, **kw): predicates, meth = self.get(cmd, (None, None)) if meth is not None: return self.do_command(predicates, meth, client.mask, client, **kw)
[docs] @dcc_command def help(self, *args): """Show help %%help [<cmd>] """ return super(Commands, self).help(*args)
[docs] @command.command(public=False, permission='dcc_chat') def chat(self, mask, *args): """DCC CHAT %%chat """ self.context.create_task(self.context.dcc_chat(mask))