First, if you want to add a cool plugin, consider submit a pull request to the irc3_plugins instead of irc3 itself.

Feel free to clone the project on GitHub.

Once you made a change, try to add a test for your feature/fix. At least assume that you have’nt broke anything by running tox:

   $ tox
   py27: commands succeeded
   py32: commands succeeded
   py33: commands succeeded
   py34: commands succeeded
   flake8: commands succeeded
   docs: commands succeeded
   congratulations :)

You can run tests for a specific version::

   $ tox -e py34

The irc3.rfc module is auto generated from irc3/rfc1459.txt. If you want to hack this file, you need to hack the parser in irc3/ (warning, it’s ugly)

You can regenerate the module and docs by running:

$ tox -e build

You can also build the docs with:

$ tox -e docs

And check the result:

$ firefox .tox/docs/tmp/html/index.html

The project is buildout ready. You can generate binaries using it instead of virtualenv:

$ python
$ bin/buildout
$ bin/irc3 -h